SCHLÜTER & MAACK originates, processes and merchandises lentils, beans and peas

Controlled raw material quality represents one of our core com­petencies to our key customer base in the European food industry. Our comprehensive quality management begins with close and sustained cooperation with selected and audited producers in countries of origin and finds its logical continuation in our own contract farming with ­Canadian growers. In addition to Canada, we source pulses from the United States, China, Turkey, Africa, Central and South America.
Hülsenfruechte Schlüter & Maack

Trade with pulses has a tradition with Schlüter & Maack going back to the 1918.

Our state of the art cleaning operation in Hamburg allows us to meet even the most demanding quality requirements and ensures continuous delivery capability. We are today an important and reliable partner to our demanding industrial customers.

It remains our endeavor to secure – through a rigorous quality policy – our quality leadership and to develop it together with our customers. We also offer our customers expert advice in difficult and volatile commodity markets.


  • Green lentils

  • Red lentils / Red split lentils

  • Dark speckled lentils

  • White beans (pea bean, small, medium, large)

  • Red kidney beans

  • Large white beans (Salad beans) – various calibers

  • Du-Puy lentils

  • Colored beans (pinto beans, black beans etc.)

  • Pinto beans

  • Green peas (Whole/split / decorticated)

  • Yellow peas (Whole/split / decorticated)

  • Chickpeas

  • Precooked pulses

  • Bulgur