SCHLÜTER & MAACK originates, processes and merchan­dises yellow, brown and oriental mustard

As one of the largest mustard seed suppliers we are a leading partner to the European condiment mustard and spice ­industry. Our ­specialized state-of-the-art processing plant in Hamburg allows us to deliver in compliance with the very high standards of our industrial clients.

Mustard seeds – mainly grown in North America and Eastern Europe – are a perfect complement to SCHLÜTER & MAACK’s traditional import business of pulses which share the same countries of origin.

In Canada centrally located in the main production region we operate our own office and processing plant. This allows us to organize contract ­production with local growers and to monitor the supply chain from field to fork.

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Mustard Seeds

Eastern Europe is another exporter of mustard seed. In this region we cooperate closely with long-term partners in the different countries. Having strong presence in these important production areas we can assure our clients that even in difficult markets mustard seed is made available.

Special cleaning and storage are carried out at our Hamburg plant. In addition regular audits by independent institutes assure the high quality standard of our products.

Mustards seeds

  • Yellow Mustard Seeds

  • Brown Mustard Seeds

  • Oriental Mustard Seeds

  • Organic Mustard Seeds

  • Deheated Mustard Flour