Food Raw Materials

SCHLÜTER & MAACK is a trusted supplier of food raw materials from overseas and Europe.

sugar Schlüter & Maack

Schlüter & Maack is an independent supplier of sugar and alternative sweeteners for the German beverage and food industry, as well as for retail and the bakery trade.



edible nuts Schlüter & Maack

In a market with significantly volatile world market prices, Schlüter & Maack is able to secure the supply of high-quality nut kernel products through the direct connection to the producers.

Edible Nuts


pulses Schlüter & Maack

Legumes from Canada, the United States, Turkey and other countries are refined and reprocessed in our state of the art cleaning facility in Hamburg. Products are then delivered to our customers who demand the quality we are able to provide.



Mustard seeds Schlüter & Maack

Schlüter & Maack is one of the world’s largest mustard seed suppliers with seeds originated from Canada and Eastern Europe.

Mustard Seeds


Senfmehl Handel

In addition to mustard seeds we produce mustard flours under strict quality management and offer it to both international and domestic customers.

Mustard flours


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E-Mail: zucker(at)

Edible Nuts

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Mustard Seeds

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Mustard Flours

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